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Somewhat foolishly I did not see Lorde perform in London earlier due to, erm, going to see Mayday Parade playing A Lesson in Romantics in full on the same night. In my defence I had already see Lorde at Roskilde festival (andΒ she was far and away the highlight of the whole thing) but missing the UK tour meant I also missed out on this Very Cool Merch. Not to be defeated, I asked Twitter for help and my guardian angel Gemma picked me one up from her show in Barcelona instead.

As it’s almost Christmas and I also do not care for silly rhyming fashion rules, I am being seen in red and green (and so is the restaurant behind me, so it must be fine).Β These corduroy trousers are maybe the best pair of casual trousers I have ever owned; they fit like a bloody dream and I’mΒ such a fan of the colour.

T-shirt – Lorde
Cords – The Cords Co*
Coat – Urban Outfitters* (similar)
Beret – Nobodys Child*

photos by Joe Galvin

cord-kickflare-the-cords-co 03cord-kickflare-the-cords-co 05cord-kickflare-the-cords-co 04cord-kickflare-the-cords-co 06cord-kickflare-the-cords-co 08cord-kickflare-the-cords-co 07cord-kickflare-the-cords-co 09

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  1. Ewa Macherowska 2 months AGO REPLY

    You look so cool as always! x

  2. sara 2 months AGO REPLY

    the perfect trio: beret, tee and lipstick

  3. Samama Khan 2 months AGO REPLY

    Love so so much this outfit!!
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