AUSTRALIA 2018 | 35mm Diary


In all my 24 years I had never really had my sights set on a trip to Australia. It’s really far, full of dangerous creepy crawlies and, I thought, just England but warm. I figured that I would rather spend my money on flying to the states or Japan, but fate had other plans. My boyfriend Tom spent a month there last year at the beginning of our flirtation (cute, I know), visiting his best friend who is still there now, and in September my housemate Lowri ABANDONED ME to move to the other side of the world (the second of my friends to do so). So, with the promise of pals and some winter sun, we decided to book a 2 week trip to Melbourne.


t-shirt – Weekday / skirt – ASOS* / jacket – vintage (similar)

B004275-R1-01-1A B004275-R1-02-2A B004275-R1-05-5A

Melbourne has so much going on, but remains incredibly laid back and calm. As a northerner I have a love-hate relationship with living in London as it is, but seeing how (people on) the other half (of the world) live has made me second guess it even more. I am yearning for some quality of life, but perhaps that is a story for another day.


top – Nobody’s Child* / trousers – ASOS*


The trip revolved around friendship and food primarily. Beer also. We ate and we drank and we ate some more with some of our very best pals, and met some new ones too. When it came to vegan food, we soon discovered that what they say is true and Melbourne is most definitely the vegan capital of the world (sorry New York, London and Berlin). I spent two weeks stuffing my face with everything from vegan poached eggs (pictured below) to the best ramen I’ve ever had to Lord of the Fries burgers that are almost as readily available as a Big Mac. Almost every pub had at least one or two decent vegan options; spending time in Melbourne was like living in the culinary future.

We spent one Saturday in Oz watching bands and getting altogether too much sun at Laneway festival and saw Manchester Orchestra, Alex G and Shame play shows to Australian crowds. Going to gigs in new countries can be really exciting, I would always recommend checking what’s happening on Songkick when booking a holiday.

I hope you enjoy these little postcards from my trip, I haven’t done one of these film diaries since my trip to America back in 2015 – you can take a look at those here and here, if you like. You can also check out my friend Alex’s (far superior) photos on her website. There is no chronology here; many of these photos were taken in bars and pubs, some in the National Gallery, some at Laneway festival, some on our mini trip down the Great Ocean Road (more on that later), and some from the stunning botanic gardens. I completely understand why so many people emigrate to Australia, or go ‘for a year’ and never come back. The long flights are a struggle but the reward at the end is so worth it, I can’t wait to go back one day.


shorts – ASOS*


bikini top – Topshop / bikini bottom – Topshop


dress – ASOS*


playsuit – Nobody’s Child*


vegan poached eggs and bacon!


bikini – Topshop


vegan shrimp on the barbie!

B004275-R1-29-29AB004275-R2-02-34eB004275-R1-00-0AB004275-R2-06-30 B004275-R2-07-29B004275-R1-27-27AB004275-R2-04-32e

top – Nobody’s Child*


shirt – ASOS* / skirt – Topshop / sandals – Dr Martens


dress – Nobody’s Child*


dress – ASOS*

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  1. Lucy Jane 4 years AGO REPLY

    So envious of all these sunny shots, sat in freezing cold Manchester is just not the same! I love that you managed to find a ‘Manchester’ sign, definitely picture worthy!

    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion

  2. Ana Beatriz 4 years AGO REPLY

    0h my god, I love these pictures! I really wish to visit Australia someday. I wanted to go with my family, but they think it’s too far (I live in Brazil). It really is, but everyone says it’s totally worth it!
    I also liked too see your summer outfits!

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