The Ultimate Camel Suit

ladies-camel-suit ladies-camel-suit

There is, arguably, nothing sexier than a good suit. Regardless of age, size, gender, or any other aesthetic or identity variable, a good suit brings its wearer a power and confidence matched maybe only by your favourite underwear, or feeling good completely naked. Except you don’t get strange looks for doing this one in public.

And of all of my suits, and there are getting to be many (many, manymany, many), this is perhaps my favourite. It could be vintage, and so is already timeless. The oversized-ness of the blazer and wide leg of the trousers, contrasted with the precise tailoring and high waisted silhouette of each piece respectively provides the perfect balance of traditional masculine and feminine and therefore the ultimate androgynous sex appeal. Dressed down with a band t-shirt or rollneck, turn-ups and boots, or dressed up with heels and a satin cami; this suit is sending one message: I know what I want, and I am going to get it.

Blazer – & Other Stories*
Trousers – & Other Stories*
T-shirt – Sulky Boy (band)
Boots – ASOS

photos by Georgia Meramo

ladies-camel-suit ladies-camel-suitladies-camel-suitladies-camel-suitladies-camel-suitladies-camel-suit ladies-camel-suit ladies-camel-suitladies-camel-suitladies-camel-suitladies-camel-suitladies-camel-suit ladies-camel-suit

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  1. Ewa Macherowska 6 years AGO REPLY

    LOVE this look! <3

  2. sara nena 6 years AGO REPLY

    so great graphic tee

  3. hassan shakir 6 years AGO REPLY

    amazing outfit and looking good.

  4. hassan shakir 6 years AGO REPLY

    Looking Good.

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