A 99 With a Flake, Please


Not not really, it’s fucking freezing. And I’m vegan. But was I going to pass up the opportunity to take photos outside a hibernating fleet of pink ice cream vans? Also no. The real star of the show, though, is this suit. In perhaps one of the coolest opportunities this job has ever given me, ASOS invited me to see where the magic happens and order a custom, made-to-measure version of one of their suits. I chose this one but opted for a black and white check a la Mick Jagger, with a red lining because, well, I could! It also took a lot for me to not title this post ‘moves like Jagger’, but I don’t think enough time has passed for that to be a quirky and funny throwback and not just still an intensely annoying song yet. I’ve linked some similar suits below.

My boots, also, deserve some attention here. They perfectly marry together my love of a lace-up and a cowboy boot style, look much more expensive than the £44.99 they cost on Ego Shoes, and are non-leather. Result.

Suit – ASOS*
Boots – Ego*

photos by Kylie Eyra

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  1. Jeff Laskowski 5 years AGO REPLY

    I like the fashion however the one thing that makes a woman, any woman, ugly is a foul mouth. It is a shame you felt like you needed to use off-color language in your blog.

  2. Ewa Macherowska 5 years AGO REPLY

    Such a great look and pics <3


  3. Lizzie Bee 5 years AGO REPLY

    Gosh this is such a ‘power suit’ look! You look so amazing, as if you could conquer the world. I’d love to have that suit but in pink instead… And those boots are beautiful!


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