How I’m Staying Active this Winter


This year I joined a gym for the first time. Aside from a few classes that Millie had somehow talked me into, I had never set foot in a gym in my life and found the prospect really quite daunting. But a short induction, a lot of questions to friends who exercise, and most of all just giving it a go soon helped me overcome my gym related anxieties. I’m now a few months into my membership and I have finally started to get a little bit fitter than I was, and lo and behold I feel a lot better for it, almost as if everybody was actually right about the benefits of exercise.

Winter and the painfully cold weather we are having at the moment has brought with it a new obstacle on my fitness journey, though. Why would I exercise when I can sit on the sofa under a blanket with a hot chocolate instead? Getting out of the house – whether that is to go to the gym or just for a walk or a jog – becomes a challenge in itself when the temperature drops, so I have turned to Nike’s winter-wear to help me overcome it. The opportunity to wear good clothes is a great motivator for me, so whether I pull on this extremely bougie deep burgundy velour tracksuit and lightweight but super warm puffer over my gym gear or just take it for a walk around the park, it is playing a part in getting me off my arse. I completed my outfit with these mahogany coloured Air Max 97 Ultras 17s; a near perfect colour match for the tracksuit and a pair of trainers that I’ll be taking out for a spin with everything from wide leg trousers to dresses and shorts in the summer.

Coat – Nike*
Jacket – Nike*
Trousers – Nike*
Trainers – Nike*

photos by Zac Mahrouche

*this post is sponsored by Nike*

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    How cool is to be comfy in winter?!

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