The Usual Please, Mate

fred-perry-le-kilt fred-perry-le-kilt

The inspiration behind these photos is two-pronged: firstly, pubs; secondly, this Le Kilt presentation I saw at London Fashion Week in 2016, which was also in a pub. So mostly pubs. There are very few things I enjoy more than a good pub – during the colder months the best pubs are that special kind of cosy that is impossible to replicate in a home, and are beer gardens good because of summer or is summer good because of beer gardens? Hard to say. Celebrating? Pub. Sad? Pub. Nothing better to do? Pub. Pubs are one of the very few things that the UK and Ireland does better than much of the rest of the world; they smell good even if they smell bad, some of them have dogs (or cats), and you can get. a. bloody pint.

Tucked away down a side street off Brick Lane, The Pride of Spitalfields is my favourite pub in Shoreditch. It’s small, cosy and friendly, it’s £4 for a pint of Guinness (and less for a Stella), and Lenny the cat is always snoozing or sauntering around like he owns the place (which he basically does). When I asked if it would be okay to take some photos, the girl behind the bar said of course, as long as I tag #lennythepubcat.

Both Fred Perry and Le Kilt look so at home in an old pub setting like this, so this was the only location I was ever going to shoot their very exciting collaborative collection. My jumper is one of the most versatile and wearable pieces and I’m obsessed with both tartan skirts, all of which are priced much more affordably than Le Kilt’s (albeit stunning) main line. Just the usual please, mate.

Jumper – Fred Perry x Le Kilt*
Skirt – Fred Perry x Le Kilt*
Boots – Missguided* (similar / similar)
Belt – ASOS*

photos by Zac Mahrouche

fred-perry-le-kilt fred-perry-le-kilt fred-perry-le-kilt

Lenny the pub cat

fred-perry-le-kilt fred-perry-le-kilt fred-perry-le-kilt

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  1. Holly White 5 years AGO REPLY

    These photos are incredible – love them! Xx

  2. Hannah 5 years AGO REPLY

    that guy having a pint in the background lmao

  3. sara nena 5 years AGO REPLY

    you match soooooo much with the background, LOOOOVE this look

  4. Ami Amour 5 years AGO REPLY

    love the photos! the plaid skirt is so cute.

  5. Tara 5 years AGO REPLY

    LOVE these photos! Such a perfect location for that outfit. You look divine x

  6. MILEX 5 years AGO REPLY

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